Wild Free Passionate Woman with Indian roots
And just like you, there was a point in my life where I dimmed my light.
I felt locked up in my own body.
I did not think my body was beautiful.
And I wasn’t living my best life at the time.
I was settling for mediocrity.
I was in a lovely, secure relationship that kept me
okay-ish but didn’t fulfill my longing for real, deep, juicy intimacy.

I had a strong desire for more but had no idea where to begin or what to do.
One day the energy I was suppressing grew too big.
I longed to experience my feminine radiance.
So I left all that I had behind, 13 years relationship and a million-dollar sexy job!
Daily I receive the same question; if I was always this FREE????
People now see me in this light, which is a big compliment! I appreciate it.
However, getting there was no easy task.
It took a lot of effort, discipline, and dedication.

After traveling to ten different countries, I worked and studied with some of the world’s finest international teachers and gurus.
I re-educated myself to become a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a Sexuality & Tantric Therapist, and a slew of other lovely (but unimportant) designations.
I’ve toured the world gathering deep wisdom from a variety of cultures, including:

At the age of 38. I stepped into the light for the first time in my life, and ‘The Art of Sexuality” was born.

The Art of Sexuality is born from my own inner transformation!

A treasure of mine experiences that in the end, enabled me to say with all my heart and body. A resounding “YES” to life

The true freedom we want is found within YOU, not outside of you.

Wildness, ease, flow, and effortless life is your true nature!

The true freedom we want is found within YOU, not outside of you.

Wildness, ease, flow, and effortless life is your true nature!

It signifies you’re brave enough to pursue your craziest fantasies.

Wild enough to choose and take risks in life and to stand up for what you believe in Tantric way of life is a life where you never need a holiday from.

And I want ALL women to be able to live this life!

Sisterhood is my passion, my medicine, and my life’s work.

My job over the last decade has been to help women understand their own strength and blossom into the most alive, juiciest version of themselves.

Deep into the Free Mystic Woman inside of us, who feels free, alive and Sensual without shame or guilt.

Or like me, dealing with all kinds of taboo’s around intimacy and my feminine essence. No love, I was certainly not born like this, free and alive.

I am one of them who worked my ass off ha ha, went deep and dark, and came into the light and juice. Halleluja ….

I could have blamed my Indian/Surinam background, conditioning, family, Life, work, events/situations – yet I chose to just step up, take responsibility and choose me!

Surrounded by the best cheerleaders it became a journey of Awakening my Sensual Self, Embracing the Tantrika inside of me, becoming the person I am supposed to be.

Becoming just ME.

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