Every level of business is stressful, from CEO to assistant. When an employee or employer deals with stress in the workforce daily, without slowing down and grounding yourself, burnout is right around the corner. This coaching is for business women and men that need to calm their minds, ease stress, and become or continue being successful in a healthy way, while totally avoiding burnout. 



For the employee, this coaching will bring mindfulness, peace and happiness to your day, so you can flourish in your work and be satisfied. We will focus on areas of stress and work to relieve them while setting goals and working on achieving them. We will work on the small things that we usually don't notice that will drastically improve your mood and days. Things like improved sitting posture, better breathing exercise, creativity and motivation and stimulation of productivity. There are also many other techniques used, listed below. After these coaching sessions, you will be revitalized and ready to take on the workforce!

For the employer, this coaching will calm the mind, ease your body, open your mind to more ideas while simultaneously allowing you to reflect on the business and decisions that have to be made. We will go through many of the same practices and exercise that we do with the employees, however, sessions will be tailored to fit higher managerial thinking, interactions with employees and fellow business moguls, reflection and decision making. 



In Business Coaching we work with various techniques:

  • Kundalini yoga & meditation
  • Mindfulness training
  • Lifestyle & business coaching
  • Breathwork techniques and training
  • Bodywork and dance
  • Nutritional advice
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Management sessions
  • Workshops



In addition to Business Coaching, you can also book me as a mentor, private coach, person of trust for management/managers, employees, happiness coach at a department level, or at MT and DT meetings. I observe monitor and share plans to improve. Your company can see it as health insurance for the employees and the company! It will boost your employee's and employers' moods, mindfulness, and happiness. When you have happy and healthy employees you have a happy and healthy business. 

Companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google have already preceded you and have been offering opportunities for mindfulness,  yoga, stress relief and meditation for years now because they know and believe that it benefits the well-being of the employees and thus also the organization. These practices are great for the organization and will have long term benefits.  


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