• Rustic Rose - Cleanse and Revive
    Rustic Rose - Cleanse and Revive

    An homage to the delicate perfume of Rose flower and senses with its subtle melange of floral fragrance.

  • Optimistic Orange - Relax and Calming
    Optimistic Orange - Relax and Calming

    Relax and Calming

  • Loving Lavender - Anti Bacterial
    Loving Lavender - Anti Bacterial

    A surprising and soothing distillation of sweet Lavender notes and refreshing leafy accents.

  • Mesmerizing Minthe - Refreshing & Cooling
    Mesmerizing Minthe - Refreshing & Cooling

    The aromatic accents of green leaves and Mint. Aromatic freshness enhances the lively floral notes and depths.

  • For Your Altar

    Rose Quartz  CRYSTAL
    Rose Quartz CRYSTAL

    Rose Quartz is a symbol of gentle love and beauty.

  • For Your Altar

    Mountain Crystal
    Mountain Crystal

    Mountain crystal is thanks to its unique sharp different crystal forms the most effective healing crystal and the strongest amplifier of energy on this planet.

    79,00 149,00
  • Silicone Dilator
    Silicone Dilator

    This special product can change lives! Now with 15 minutes free online consulting with Humita herself! Inspire Silicone Dilator Graduated Kit for Vaginal Strength and Comfort, 5-Piece ∙ 5-Piece Silicone Dilator Kit. 5 sizes for…

  • Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
    Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


    Wake up your super sexy goddess with the ancient yoni-egg practice

    Do you feel like you deserve to feel open, free, ecstatic & super sexy?

    If the answer is yes, you might consider using a yoni-egg.

  • Rose Quartz Yoni Wand
    Rose Quartz Yoni Wand


    Sometimes all you need is a little love in your life. Allow our yoni wand to open your heart chakra while you infuse the vibrations of rose quartz through your entire body and adventure into a place you haven't felt…

  • Ultimate Wand (SOLD OUT)
    Ultimate Wand (SOLD OUT)

    Ultimate Wand Inspire
    We are so proud that we have this 'golden-oldy' in our collection!
    This one, is really something, hard to express in words, it just blows your mind and more....For years this magic vibrator is a true legend…

  • Cannabis Lubricant
    Cannabis Lubricant

    High-quality Cannabis Lubricant is now available.
    Let the party begin...

    Known for their relaxing property, these compounds will ease you into the fun and help you loosen up when tense.

  • Vegan Lubricant
    Vegan Lubricant

    It's not going to be any better; vegan, body-safe and super high quality!

    Vegan Lube sweethearts... Our body loves this!

  • Massage Oil Natural
    Massage Oil Natural

    The bestseller Natural Massage Oil now available in coconut flavor.

    We have just a few more on stock.

  • The Sensual Massage Oil
    The Sensual Massage Oil

    These insecure times ask for extra care for you and your love life. So what about bringing some excitement and surprises in. Perfect sensual oil to share with your partner and create a magic gathering.

    These rich massage oils are…

  • Callie Vibrating Mini Wand
    Callie Vibrating Mini Wand

    Callie Vibrating Mini Wand

    High-quality luxury pleasure for women now available.

  • Callie Vibrating Wand
    Callie Vibrating Wand

    Callie time!
    The Vibrating Wand is smooth, silky, and seamless.

    For perfect intimate pleasure, this luxurious wand offers the ultimate experience.

  • After Glow Massage Candle
    After Glow Massage Candle

    After Glow Massage Candle

    Available in 3 different flavors; mango, berry, and vanilla

    Set your mood. Sexy candlelight with a sensual scent, Afterglow engages all the senses.

  • Laguna Beach Lover
    Laguna Beach Lover

    It is about to be Summertime sisters!

    Indulge in wave after wave of pleasure as the California Dreaming® Laguna Beach Lover vibrator flickers against your most sensual sweet spots

  • Gjay

    Gjay is your new BFF!

    Life will never be the same... Welcome!

  • Aura Wand
    Aura Wand

    New in the collection!

    Awaken your inner desires with the teasing Aura Wand, an ultra-flexible vibrator with a powerful vibration motor.

  • The Magic Wand by We-Vibe
    The Magic Wand by We-Vibe

    This NEW Magic Wand can not be missed in your pleasure inventory! It is already a hot item, like literally I mean, it is a best seller.

    Only when you ready for some real quality joy in your life..

  • The Posh Lovers Remote! (SOLD OUT)
    The Posh Lovers Remote! (SOLD OUT)

    Are you in to play? It can be very exciting, adventure time is there..

    The Posh 7-Function Lover’s Remote is a slim, light weight, mini remote controlled bullet that is ready to please anytime and anywhere.

  • Amour Remote Bullet
    Amour Remote Bullet

    Amour Remote Bullet
    Feel like going on a juicy adventure? Then you hit the right spot here.



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