The connection is the Foundation of Intimacy. 
I believe people are at their best when they feel connected. And it is my true passion to help you!

Intimacy is the space between where you move, and if there are two people there will be a sacred space. Sometimes more than others. Intimacy is what makes you feel connected even when you are not physically together. It is where you feel understood, safe to open up and show yourself fully. 
Lack of intimacy can show up as rage, frustration, arguments, affairs, porn, erectile challenges, pain, depression, weight gain, overspending, isolation or overcompensating. 
Intimacy is the #1 reason for a good relationship and sexual satisfaction. 



It makes sense that people fear discussing relationship and intimacy challenges because it feels like just talking might bring up more issues. I understand. I want you to feel like you are ‘expanding, enjoying with ease and growing’ instead of  ‘working on it’.

Participants leave invigorated after workshops and 1 on 1 sessions. My clients look forward to their sessions. 

I want you to feel confident even before you decide if working with me is right for you. Book a FREE consultation, join me at an event or workshop or schedule a private session in person or via Zoom.


Does Intimacy coaching involve physical contact with my coach?

The answer is an emphatic "NO!" My coaching practice is "hands off-clothing on." Many of my home assignments will include intimate activities, but my clients do those activities in the privacy of their own homes. I do not engage in any form of erotic exchange with clients--ever.

In many cases, I refer clients for medical check-ups to ensure that their issues are not medically related before proceeding with coaching. I will always refer out any client presenting with unhealed sexual trauma.

Connection is the foundation of intimacy, just to remember!


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