A journey 'to open' can take years or even a lifetime for some of us, but nowadays it is also possible in just a couple of weeks. I have been walking the path for you, it took me over 20 years. I have seen all the doctors, healers, and therapists in the world, and have been treated by so many different specialists. On top of this, I am the daughter of a gynecologist. 
My path was deep and magical, but very long and challenging as well. It went along with trauma and extraordinary breakthrough experiences. I have wrapped and combined it all in a life-changing program which I call 'Pain to Passion,  11 weeks journey of Discovery'.  I share many of my diamonds and teachings with you.  On top, a few of my teachers and lovers will be part of this unique training! 

It is Divine Timing to share this lovely, unique knowledge with you and show you the shortcut to peace and freedom in and around you..

Time to befriend fear and move to the space of peace and freedom. To fully say ‘yes’ to life and embrace whatever there is and will arise. It is an amazing journey that we call life.
My experience is that it is not only about ‘the actual opening’ and the connection with the body, but it is also a way of living and a whole-body transformation. It is a real shift in consciousness and integrating the discipline of awareness in your life with key topics as S E L F L O V E  and S E L F C A R E .
Once, a beautiful, very special person in my life told me, that walking this journey is actually a great gift; it is a very conscious and magical way of receiving life and love. And when you are ready, you are really ready to receive the diamonds of this precious life! Creativity starts to flow in ways totally new to you. And you will start to rely on miracles in your life and people will be blinded by your bright light.

Love Humita



Growing up, I always used to be one of the boys. Girls just seemed complicated, jealous, unpredictable, clannish... Then, just at the point where I was about to become a mom, Humita gracefully entered my life and introduced me to online sisters-group and sharing and gatherings. Divine timing. It was like a veil was lifted. It felt like coming home. It helped me enormously to navigate my new reality and social situation. I never knew there was such a tremendous well of female support, inspiration, honesty, recognition, and celebration out there. Not only did I become friends with the woman inside of me and the women in my circle, but by gaining trust I opened up to the whole sacred feminine in life. Within sisterhood, there truly is a safe space in which magic happens and heartfelt intentions become reality. I cannot thank Humita enough for sharing this gift with me.

- Larissa, The Netherlands


Never judge a book by its cover. How true. Humita not only helped me tremendously on my path, but she also shared personal information and insights that in turn helped us, our women group, to realize that we all have scratches on our hearts, big or small. We cannot change the circumstances, but we can choose how to respond to them. Humita's way of reflecting back to me what she saw, felt, and heard was very heart-warming and valuable. I can't wait to read her book and I am happy that we have met, hopefully, the future will have more in store.

- Anonymous


Rarely I felt so supported in my life. The online GroupCoaching that I was part of, opened me and inspired me - I learned to share, grow, and support on levels unknown to me before. I cherish this experience and this sisterhood forever. The weekly check-ins on intentions and more, manifest dreams and wishes. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this. Thank you.

- Ilse H. - Artist


Very nice personality, I wanted to open while it can be a difficult subject. If this were a weekly topic I would like to participate. A keeper!

- Anonymous


Humita has the talent to move women further in life, and make them live their lives to the fullest. Her sensuality is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her affectionate and accessible. It's extraordinary how she always manages to hit the nail right on the head. But the thing I admire the most about her is her ability to see the potential in every woman, and the way she gets this across to them.

- Anonymous



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