Gratitude is the Highest form of Receiving

Being Grateful is a state of mind.

Easily in the same moment, you can focus on what is lacking in your life.

It’s a very fine line and an everyday choice.

This basically is legit for every part of your life.

On the body level, we can look at the aging parts.

Either is too big, or small or should have been in another form.

The boyfriend or mother who is missing in your life.

Or we swap it around. Let the above for what it is and start to count your blessings!

There are countries, and parts of the world that really have the -glass half empty- mentality.

So it’s easy to jump on that wave.

The ‘after school’ conversations, or about the weather being bad again chat, or drowning in the neighborhood gossip. It’s a vibe that can easily bring your mood down by the spiral effect of it in your life. Do you recognize this?

Often this is a subconscious effect, and the women really don’t get why their relationship has so many challenges, their libido is so low and they wish their lives were different.

I can tell you that you can train your mind here, and eventually, the body will follow. Sounds simple no?

Gratitude and a joyful living are choices. It starts with a conscious Yes.

And from there, we move.

Let me share with you the heads-up that changed my life and the lives of many other women in the past decade:

Surround yourself with like-minded positive uplifting people. You ‘become like’ the 5 people you hang out with the most.

Sacred Morning Ritual. Make it very joyful, s.xy, and easy. Especially the last one, otherwise forget about it, you will not do it.

Have a clear vision in life, feel into it regularly, and live it.

Let Passion, Pleasure, and living your Purpose be in the lead – that’s why you came to this earth – that’s why you chose to be a Human after all, so you better enjoy it to the fullest.

Practice the Tantric Questions for Gratitude, they changed many lives for the better! If you like to have support here, try the Tribe. You will receive the questions every day.

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