I feel vulnerable…

I am showing more and more of myself. The person I really am, without mask and layers. My raw self. 

And even more than this, my stories with suffering, sadness and life-achievements.

Why am I doing this? To show you that it has also been working out for me and that it did not all happen overnight. 

I needed to make decisions and choices over and over again, kept going and did not give up, I wanted to have it all (again).

Yet it was oh so worth it, it felt so liberating and has had a very positive impact on my life. 

I feel very vulnerable because I know that in this way I also create space for criticism and all kinds of unasked-for opinions. 

That makes me sad sometimes, because what could be wrong with just being your authentic loving self! 

And of course leaving behind the ‘conditioning’ and peeling off the layers goes in phases, it needs time and courage…

I was always a kind of different. 

From a young age I loved freedom, magic and lots of joy and laughters. Sensations, adventures, travels, never going home, dynamic, energized encounters and events, romance, explosive love relations, charming successful exciting men, loving ambitious women, a lot of everything, creating a lot of choices, deep loud laughter, highs, big challenges, dancing all night long, beauty and care and even pushing the limits now and then as the rebel.

Tomorrow my mom would have turned 77! She has always given me all the space I needed and to be who I wanted to be, my mom was my biggest cheerleader, she was a Rockstar! I am so immensely grateful that I was given the space to develop, follow my intuition and follow my life path …..

When my mother passed away in 2010, I threw in the “business towel” and started a new path. 

And it wasn’t always easy, but I don’t regret it for a second! It was exactly the right choice.

I create my most beautiful life every day, then in my chapter 1 and now for sure in my chapter 3!

Tomorrow I celebrate the birthday of my dearest beautiful super special mom with more than 100 women! 

So yes there are mega many registrations for the Seminar SAY FULLY YES TO LIFE. 

My mom has never really been able to say YES to life completely. AND I have. And am fucking Proud, I say now with a big smile and a tear! 

And this is what I wish for every woman, I am on a big mission! Watch out …..

YES… to your body! 

YES…to your sensual self!

YES…to your most beautiful life!

YES…to living life to the fullest!

YES…to love!

YES… to change

YES…to moving beyond shame! 

There is nothing more powerful, then awakening and embracing your vulnerability as a woman completely! This is where the magic starts.

And embracing ‘being different’! This is our gift…

This is what I call The Mystical Free Woman!

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