Mystic Tantrika

Special times need a special approach I guess….

Extra careful in picking our words and actions.

There is a lot of care and attention for each other, and at the same time I experience an urge for freedom around me. 

More than ever before. Freedom in the body, mind and in life itself!

I also feel and experience a lot of fear and anxiety.. All the flavors are coming to the surface and presenting themselves! What a blessing and can be super scary if you don’y know how to deal with this ….

This was exactly how the women came in here just outside Barcelona a week ago.



Highly motivated


And so ready for a new chapter in their lives!

‘Rebirth’ said one of the participants on day 4!

And at the end of the week I saw them leave again.

Completely …different … TRANSFORMED!

Full of zest for life, creativity and motivation to live life.

Flowing bodies and happy faces.

They left as their Future Self, in love with themselves and life!

It was a big party from start to finish

Wow what a transformation.

The Art of Sacred Sensuality… It is pure magic!

Do you know?

I wish this for every single female being out there.

Freedom and joy

In your body and in your life


No words

So powerful …

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