Mastermind – The Art of Sacred Sensuality


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The perfect balance between loving your body, mind, soul & spirit. A big YES to live your most beautiful life. A magical journey of three months with like-minded, international women. Mastermind has a weekly live session of 120 minutes with Humita and international, highly reputable teachers.

What is it exactly?

A partially online and partially LIVE online program in a high-end online learning environment.

What will it give you?

A big YES to living your most beautiful life. The perfect balance between loving your body, mind, soul & spirit.  The recipe for a happy life where you are behind the wheel!

How long does it take?

Three months, in a group of like-minded, international women. The language of communication is English.

What does the adventure look like practically?

Each week you get a lecture, is an assignment in the form of written text and or video / audio / visual material in the high-end learning environment on a fixed day and time. You can do this in your own time when it suits you! So in your ‘Feminine Flow’! Then you will work with this assignment every day, making room for it in your daily life. At least 30 minutes, but we advise you to take a little longer for the first few days, so that the result will eventually give you time in all areas of your life.

In a week there are many moments of contact with Humita herself and The Female Way Academy to support and motivate you in the form of audio, quotes, music and sharings.

The highlight of the week is the Masterclass, the online-live session with Humita herself and the best international teachers and gurus.

Do you already know Kaulika?

She is a living master, born into a Tantric family in India. And she is one of the guest teachers coming Mastermind and that is beyond unique! She is almost impossible to find online and she lives in Calcutta India, but for us she makes an exception. Check out a clip from the Satsang she gave a few weeks ago:

>> Insert Video Kaulika

In addition, there is a special private Facebook group where participating women motivate, inspire and keep each other accountable.

How much time should I invest in the Mastermind?

We recommend 30 minutes a day, and in the first days perhaps a little longer to be able to really make the assignment your own and integrate the effect into your life. You will experience that the time you put in now will eventually give you more time and space in your life. Everything you put in now, you will eventually get out of it….


For those who are completely fed up and really want to get to work.

For the women who dare to invest in themselves.

Women who want to make a difference in the world!

This is not a beginners course.

What does it cost?

The price of the Mastermind is €5.000 for the 3 months.

This price includes

Access to the high-end learning environment

Video material, guided meditations and visualizations

Music and book lists

Teaching materials for 3 months

10 Masterclasses, live sessions of 90 – 120 minutes

Official Certificate upon completion of Mastermind

Access to the community

What do the ladies who have gone before you say?

“From -100 to 0: “Ready to thrive”…. This Mastermind has brought together all the puzzle pieces of my personal inner journey of the past 12 years, thrown them into the mixer, added great tools and completed the missing links.

” Hmm…. The Mastermind is in 1 word: Transformation! I did not think that these three months of Mastermind could bring about such a great transformation in myself and in my life. Wow, I felt a yes, but thought the price was on the mark. And now after the event, I can say: The price is well worth it. What a difference this Mastermind has made in my life.”

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course. It has loosened up a lot and set you in motion. Sometimes I could get quite annoyed with you but that is of course a sign that something is being touched that I may not have liked so much and where I could therefore grow.”

“I didn’t know how powerful it would be to enter into a contract with myself. Although I already had quite a few tools in place to deepen the connection with myself, I never managed to create a rhythm for this. This training has given me space for this and I have expanded my own library of tools with beautiful exercises! I am grateful that I invested in myself and gave myself love in doing so.”