Strong Independent Woman

Running the Show
Looking stunning every day!

I was shining with a well-developed Masculine, putting myself out there on a pedestal, and felt like surviving in the jungle and battling in the field.
Approximately 70% was working for me, the salary, job, satisfaction, and oh my ego was thriving.

My Feminine was longing for more playfield, yet I had no idea how and what – I felt pretty stuck here honestly.

Help I am almost out, I desperately need my next shot! A thriving ego can feel like a life satisfaction yet it is shallow and often short-term fulfillment. I called it a shot of heroine back then!” (Episode from the book coming up)

Honestly, so much was missing. Especially a felt sense, a deep longing to belong without evidence, trusting intuition, and flow through life.
But hey, the majority would be delighted to have 70% satisfaction in life.

It took me a little time to admit, but I was longing for deep fulfillment in my heart and more kindness and love on the work floor. But let us not speak about the heart or let alone love in business, you will freak out everyone.

I sincerely thought that this was the norm back then and that everyone felt like this catching their breath and keeping up the vibe.

If I knew what I know today, back then, I would seriously have had a different experience. I would have been even more successful, more effortless, healthier, feeling more energized, and with more ease!

In 2010 life forced me to do a ‘180’.
No mercy.
The hard way.
Lost everything I lived for in the blink of an eye.
From the bottom of my heart, I hope nobody ever has to experience this!
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