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Hi Love,

Becoming the Woman you are supposed to be is what this life is about.

Well, let me tell you – You are The Highest Love.
Everything is already inside of you.
Being an embodied and empowered woman starts with accepting where you are and embracing you as pure pleasure and passion.

So the question is, what is withholding you from living fully and total?
I feel you love, I offer this work because this has been my personal journey as well.

Work with Humita



An intensive tailor-made 1on1 approach with Humita Premmiela herself. For the ones who are ready to prioritize themselves and live an extraordinary life every day!


Living Your Truth

Open up in Mysterious ways?—For 11 weeks we tap into the most important topics for the Feminine to rise! For the courageous women prepared to unveil their true selves, liberate their spirits, and awaken their untapped magic.

Receiving Life
and Love

Saying Yes to Life

An 11-week online journey, easy & effective, to reconnect with your sensual nature and joy for life through pleasure.

B. van Duuren


“Every coach and therapist needs a Humita! She has an amazing gift of providing a safe and supportive space, giving clients the freedom to acknowledge their weaknesses without judgment. Her warmth, guidance, and trust are her strengths, topped off with magical intuition that never fails to amaze. Humita is truly one in a million!”



Humita has the talent to move women further in life and make them live their lives to the fullest. Her sensuality is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her affectionate and accessible.

It’s extraordinary how she always manages to hit the nail right on the head. But the thing I admire most about her is her ability to see the potential in every woman, and the way she gets this across to them.


Director Affairs & Finance

Last June, Humita and I embarked on a transformative journey together where we gave attention to and deepened the feminine side. It was a magnificent journey with Humita, during which she provided insights on making choices and developing a lifestyle that instilled the courage to embrace a new life filled with adventure, freedom, and new love. It was the best investment
I have ever made in myself.



Vegan Chef

Growing up, I always used to be one of the boys. Girls just seemed complicated, jealous, unpredictable, clannish… Then, just at the point where I was about to become a mom, Humita gracefully entered my life. It was like a veil was lifted. It felt like coming home. I feel even better than before! I opened up to the whole sacred feminine. I cannot thank Humita enough for sharing this gift with me.


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The Feminine Way

You are a


polished by life.

Don't forget to shine brightly
and sparkle as you become more radiant over the years.

Welcome to The Female Way, where we celebrate and inspire each other to live an extraordinary shameless life. 
From humble beginnings in 2020, The Female Way has grown into a powerful movement, embracing femininity with love, joy, and acceptance.
We forge real connections, break free from shame, and believe in women’s authentic power to choose what serves them. Our recommendations come from genuine love and support on your personal journey.
Join us as we trailblaze and transform the world through the divine feminine. 
You can find courses and offers from the most amazing Female Teachers in the world.


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