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Feeling good in your own body
Living your most beautiful life
Having a wonderful relationship
Running a successful business and earning easy money

Did you know that you don’t have to choose and that you can have it all?

I am grateful to the core of my being that I can call this my work. That there is a sacred space where women can get over their excuses and insecurities. A safe place where they can finally put themselves first, and stand up for who they really are. That women end up being so confident and radiant, that they splash off my screen! This is my life’s mission every single day!


Being Sensual, Successful and Spiritual has been my own journey and gave me all that I dreamed of and more!

Are you stuck?
In unhappy choices, relationship, or have you been single for too long?
Do you have work that doesn’t please you anymore, little intimacy in your life, or there is an intense longing for financial freedom?
You are not alone. Many women have gone before you!

For you my sweetheart, I have a beautiful Mastermind program of three months, in which I guide you weekly live to become your desires; your feminine freedom and sensual natural being.

Curious? Read the testimonials, in which women who went before you share about their experience and so far 100% satisfaction of everyone who completed the Mastermind.

Tamil Nadu Newspaper,
India 2011

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A Passionate Guide

To a Life Full of
Sensuality, Love & Happiness




Being Sensual, Successful
& Spiritual is your Birthright

  • How to appreciate the amazing gifted woman you are
  • Awakened Sensual Self
  • In touch with your desires and learn to play with them in everyday life
  • Stronger and more active libido after joining the Mastermind
  • It brings your feminine energy into all you do in a day, as well as your connection to your body, breasts, and yoni.
  • The Mastermind can also be helpful if you’re going through a transition in your life, such as pregnancy, relationship, birth, or menopause. It will provide support for the challenges you are facing
  • A filled Magic Toolbox; bodily awareness, mindfulness, relaxation, and all of these practices, all of these tools can assist you on your life adventures
  • A Daily Ritual what serves you as the foundation for the rest of your juicy life
  • Long-term life-lasting results

As a result, the women are so excited and they look forward to the new assignment every week. You can easily and quickly include all of these tools and lessons into your daily routine, even if you have a hectic life, work and or household. It is definitely relaxing and enjoyable to do, and it produces immediate benefits. You won’t even have to wait weeks or days to see the results, so what are you waiting for? The Mastermind has the potential to transform you and your life completely.


A Life-Changing experience, time to fall in love with yourself.

See what people say about Humita


“Humita has the talent to move women further in life, and make them live their lives to the fullest. Her sensuality is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her affectionate and accessible.

It’s extraordinary how she always manages to hit the nail right on the head. But the thing I admire most about her is her ability to see the potential in every woman, and the way she gets this across to them.”



“I was never a big fan of online training, so till now|refused. I prefer face-to-face. But this time I was pulled into her Mastermind online. I felt safe to finally discover myself again, faced my fears and shadows around sensuality and real intimacy. I feel like a complete WOMAN for the first time in my life! And in the last week of the training. I met the Love of my life.

Janet French

General Practioner

“Hmm…. The Mastermind is in 1 word: TRANSFORMATIONAL! I did not think that these three months of Mastermind could bring about such a great transformation in myself and in my life. Wow! I felt a yes though the price was a bit challenging for me And now after completing. I can say: The price is more than worth it. What a difference this Mastermind has made in my life.”



Latest News and Updates

I feel vulnerable…

I am showing more and more of myself. The person I really am, without mask and layers. My raw self. And even more than this, my stories with suffering, sadness and life-achievements.

Mystic Tantrika

Special times need a special approach I guess…. Extra careful in picking our words and actions. There is a lot of care and attention for each other, and at the same time I experience an urge for freedom around me. More than ever before. Freedom in the body, mind and in life itself!

The Magic 3’S

Successful. When everything is one. You are doing what you love, and you feel happy and satisfied on a daily basis! Then you are successful. Basically you are successful when you live your most beautiful life and it feel like you are in love with you!

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