Time to befriend fear and move to the space of peace and freedom. To fully say ‘yes’ to life and embrace whatever there is and will arise. It is an amazing journey that we call life!

A journey “to open” can take years or even a lifetime for some of us, but nowadays it is also possible in just a couple of weeks. I have been walking the path for you, and it took me over 20 years. I have seen all the doctors in the world, and have been treated by so many different specialists. On top of this, I am the daughter of a gynecologist. 

My path was deep and magical, but very long and challenging as well. It went along with trauma and breakthrough experiences, and I have wrapped and combined this in a life-changing program which I call Pain to Passion. It is my gift to share this lovely, unique knowledge with you and show you the shortcut to peace and freedom.

My experience is that it is not only about “the actual opening”, but it is also a way of living and whole body transition. It is a real shift in consciousness and integrating the discipline of awareness in your life.

Once, a beautiful and very special person in my life told me that walking this journey is actually a great gift. It is a very conscious and magical way of receiving life and love. And, when you are ready, you are really ready to receive the diamonds of this precious life! Creativity starts to flow in ways totally new to you, and you will start to rely on miracles in your life and people will be blinded by your bright light.
So… I would say: enjoy this magic ride!


Vaginismus can be triggered in both younger and older women, in those with no sexual experience, and those with years of experience. Not all women experience vaginismus the same way, and the extensiveness of vaginismus varies:

  • Some women are unable to insert anything at all
  • Some women are able to insert a tampon and complete a gynecological exam, yet are unable to insert a penis
  • Others are able to partially insert a penis, although the process is very painful
  • Some are able to fully insert a penis, but tightness and discomfort interrupt the normal progression from arousal through to orgasm and bring pain instead
  • Some women are able to tolerate years of uncomfortable intercourse with gradually increasing pain and discomfort that eventually interrupts the sexual experience
  • Women may also experience years of intermittent difficulty with entry or movement and have to constantly be on their guard to control and relax their pelvic area when it suddenly ‘acts up’



The Pain to Passion program is a freeing and empowering program made for women to guide those who are struggling with their sexuality. The program contains many beautiful methods, practices, and experiences to free you and claim your womanhood.

Humita will gracefully guide you through tantra and bodywork, Kundalini Yoga, healing therapy, mantras, and various online and live sessions. There is even an offer for a premium silicone dilator perfectly fitted for this amazing journey.

Sign up for this program today in order to make the first step of becoming an empowered, free, and sensual woman. The intake session of 15 minutes is just a fee of love! Click here to set up the meeting now.