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Live Coaching Sessions: 

Live Coaching: March 20, 2023

Live Coaching: TBA

Live Coaching: TBA

Voxer Coaching: TBA

Voxer Coaching: TBA

Voxer Coaching: TBA

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Contact Availability:
Coachee may contact Humita Premmiela via Voxer during the designated fourth week of each month, specifically on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please note, communication is not available on Wednesdays.

Message Guidelines:

• Length: Messages should be concise, ideally not exceeding 2 minutes.
• Content: Ensure messages are clear and to the point. Prior to sending your message, reflect on the main intention of your inquiry.
• Preparation: Clearly articulate your needs and questions, giving thoughtful consideration to what you seek to understand or discuss.

Response Timing:
Responses from Humita will be provided in Divine timing, ensuring thoughtful and personalized attention to each coachee’s needs.

Interaction Process:
This unique coaching structure allows for an intimate and special way of interaction, offering coachees the chance to be in close proximity to their coach. Questions asked will be addressed as promptly as possible, with opportunities for further interaction based on the initial response.

Usage Guidelines:
Engage with this communication tool mindfully, recognizing the unique opportunity it presents for personal growth and direct coaching. Use this platform responsibly and with awareness to maximize the benefits of your coaching experience.​⬤

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