I am a joyful ambitious Mentor & Therapist, Author, Public Speaker, Life-Artist with big dreams and
#1 Feminine Way Podcast.

My roots are from India, born in the Netherlands, and currently living in Tulum, Amsterdam, 
and Ibiza

Very into:
I have very loud laughter.
Love to dance and make love.
Life is to be celebrated.
Love is my fuel for life.
You can wake me up for Aloo Gobi with good fresh garlic naan, fresh tropical fruits, and passionate cuddles.
Oh and fresh delicious coconut ice cream.

​​Hey Love!
Let me take you on
a journey into my world.

Welcome to the vibrant realm of Humita Premmiela, 

Passionate Joyful Woman with Indian roots.

I am currently splitting my time between Tulum, Mexico and Amsterdam, with exciting travels planned to Ibiza, Bali, and Europe to meet clients, facilitate workshops, and enjoy life!

From my early childhood, I’ve been mesmerized by life’s stunning splendor and generosity. People and their enchanting essence have always drawn me in. I deeply cherish the love and connections we share.

But just like many of us, there came a point in my life where I felt unsure of who I was and where I wanted to go.


I found myself living more from my head than my heart, more in
my masculine, struggling to see the beauty in my own body, and settling for mediocrity.

Yearning for something greater, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

While I was in a lovely, secure relationship, it lacked the deep, divine intimacy

I craved. My career was fantastically successful, but it felt incomplete, driven mostly by my masculine qualities.

Yearning for something greater, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. The energy within me grew too immense to ignore, like trying to push a balloon underwater. My feminine radiance was ready to rise and shine it’s brilliant light. So, I left everything behind: the relationship, the job, and the feeling of just being okay-ish. I embarked on a path of transformation, from 0 to 100, working with influential leaders like John de Mol, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Pema Gitama, Deepak Chopra, Guru Dass Singh, and Abraham Hicks.

Today, I’m a certified 3HO Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Meditation expert, Love Sex & Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Healer, and Quantum Field explorer. As the Founder of The Female Academy, I have the honor of working with incredible women, witnessing their dreams coming true, and witnessing their remarkable transformations.

I wholeheartedly

believe that every woman can embrace their sensuality and spirituality, and unlock her true potential. Whether as a mom and in business. We are all lightworkers and caretakers of this beautiful planet.

But let me share a secret

I know what it’s like to be on your knees with despair and grief— and to rise again.

In 2010 I lost everything I was living for in a blink of an eye.
My journey tells a story of low self-esteem, fear, and grief. It speaks of constantly taking care of others while forgetting myself.  

It’s woven with health challenges like auto-immune disease and cancer. But it also speaks of the fierce determination to live a better life. Now, when I enter a room or speak, I make an instant impression. People never forget me, and they always want more. In my earlier days, this quality made me an extraordinary businesswoman in the glitter and glam world of television. At just 30 years young, I had already reached the board of one of the biggest and most successful media multinationals, Talpa, producer of programs like Big Brother and The Voice of Holland.

I’m an advanced meditator, cherishing my Morning Sacred Ritual.

I love sipping champagne and delicious food, moving my hips to great music, and I’m crazy about traveling.

My guilty pleasure is indulging in shopping sprees in Paris and New York.

I love a luxurious lifestyle and I am happy

with something as simple as possible.

I am pure love, anywhere and everywhere.

Passion is my fuel.

Pleasure is my tool.

Purpose is my journey.

Positivity is my secret.

I genuinely believe we can have it all
and make love with life!

I’m honored that people see me as an inspiration, but let me tell you, getting there was no easy task. It all started with making different decisions and required immense effort, discipline, and dedication. But it was undoubtedly worth it.

Thank you for being YOU!
This life is to be lived.

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