Sacred Feminine Activation

Love life a little more, shed old limitations working with Kali energy – and awaken to love, joy, and boundless potential in your life! 

Wild Wisdom Tantra 1 Day

with co-facilitator Guru Gian

Open up to life even more, deepening connection, fostering inner peace and awaken your pleasure. Curious about Tantra? Come and play

Wild Wisdom Tantra weekend

with co-facilitator Guru Gian

Experience life at a deeper level, nurturing inner tranquility and igniting your sensual pleasure. Intrigued by the mystique

of Tantra? Join us for the weekend and discover its magic.


“Humita’s workshop breathed life into my dormant senses, illuminating a path to pleasure I never knew. It has woven stronger connections in my life, personally and professionally.”

Laura Thompson, Author

“Through Humita’s guidance, I discovered a profound self-love and acceptance that was transformative. Not only did it redefine my relationship with myself, but it also led me to encounter my soulmate. I am deeply in love and beyond grateful!”

Mariana Lopez, Psychologist

“Participating in her workshop was an invigorating experience for me. She is a uniquely extraordinary woman who radiates positive and inspiring energy. After the session, I felt liberated and revitalized, which has only whetted my appetite for more. I’m eagerly looking forward to attending again.”

Cheers, Dominique – Legal Counselor, Netherlands.

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