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Your own Clothing Brand in 4 weeks


Alright, loves! You asked for it, and here it is! I’m thrilled to share my insider secrets on how to launch a clothing brand in just 4 weeks and start making money with it! Get ready to dive in and turn your passion into profit! Because that’s why we are here and what we love!

7 Modules:

1. Fashion Basics: Learn about the fashion world and what’s trending.
2. Picking Fabrics: Understand different fabrics and where to find them.
3. Working with Designers: Find and collaborate with designers easily
4. Money Matters: Manage your finances and plan your budget.
5. Setting Prices: Figure out how much to charge for your clothes.
6. Selling Your Stuff: Learn where and how to sell your clothes.
7. Knowing Your Customers: Understand who your buyers are and what they like.

Each part gives you practical tips to start your clothing brand with confidence!

BONUS MODULE Finding the best Producer. I give you even an address of an amazing production house. And trust me nobody ever does…

The dream of the Feminine ……..