Balance a curse?

Balance a curse?

I used to be allergic to the word ‘balance’.
Because balance was equal to boring to me.

So I managed to live my life totally the opposite of boring,
Adventurous, never a dull moment and always follow my heart.

And a bit rebel…
Everyone takes a left and I manage to make a right 🙂

Yet balance is actually something completely different.
And I like to put in a special way for you and introduce you to ‘Equilibrium’’.

A situation in which different forces or influences are balanced, resulting in stability and harmony. – aaaahhhhhh so!

When your Feminine Magic is not activated you are not in balance.
You are basically not using your superpowers. It’s that simple.

Life feels more like working for you. More struggles and looping.

And suffering is what you know very well.

Maybe you even think that’s the only way for you.

You think that all those things – life – are just happening to you.

You are just unlucky, and others are the lucky ones.

For the longest time, these were my beliefs as well.

Supported by strong conditioning: it’s karma babe, just get used to it.

Hey it’s not that you are living a miserable life.

Yet you forgot to turn on your Feminine Magic and it’s there waiting for you.

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