I am here for you.

You feel the butterfly in your belly.

You get excited.

You know in my presence you can move mountains.

You know when you see and hear me.

You just know.You feel confident and alive.

You know that there is a next chapter waiting for you.

The idea itself turns you on.

You know you are one of a kind.

You know you are the One.

You know you don’t fit in a box.

You know you are very special.

Because you just know.

You feel different.

People tell you you are extraordinary.

Sometimes you forget.

Sometimes you get lost.

Sometimes you feel completely overwhelmed.

Sometimes you just don’t know.

And that’s ok.

I am here with you, I have your back.

I had all these feelings myself. Even more.

They are my superpowers. I use them.You can grab my hand, I hold you.

You do the work, I guide you.

You trust and believe, and I do the same.It’s already happening. Consider it done. History in the making. Looking back, we did an amazing job.You see, told you so. 💛

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