So, you’re asking yourself?

« How honest and truthful am I to myself? »
Like always, even when nobody is watching.
This is where it all begins. We all aim to be authentic, to be truly feminine beings in the end. And it’s a topic everyone’s talking about these days.
Yet, something that’s been missing in my humble opinion, for the longest time, is the integrity you have with yourself. How truthful are you, really?
So, take a moment to think about these questions:
How truthful am I to myself?
Am I honest with myself?
Am I speaking my truth?
Am I living my truth?
Am I making choices from this truthful, sacred space within?
Am I living with integrity, but like, for real?
Look at your life right now and contemplate.
And remember, integrity is about so much more than just being honest or speaking your truth.
More so about the commitment to your heart and and aligned actions in your life from that space.
It’s about whether you’re in it to live your best and most beautiful life. Because that’s why you’re here.
And that involves integrity, authenticity, and truth.
It’s about asking those basic questions:
What do I need?
What do I desire?
What do I long for?
(These, you can repeat for 5 minutes and see what’s coming… can be very interesting)
What is my heart trying to express to myself? What does my body need?
Can I hear my soul speaking?
This is what real, deep integrity means to me.
It’s a constant ever evolving contemplation and growth here…..
– yet it became one of my core values …
Feel it
Live it
Be it

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