The Raw, Ugly and the Truth

The Raw, Ugly and the Truth.
When I launch a new program, I am been catapulted into a new level myself first.
Somehow I tend to forget till the moment I am fully engaged and on my knees again.
The Awakened Embodied Feminine is a fierce vulnerable raw truthful sovereign being.
Her journey is about feeling a bright, warm unconditional unshakable energy fueled with love and faith in herself, the other and in the world.
It’s a Divine Path that helps us find a strong, soft power that’s always been in us, even amid our busy, bustling lives.
She feels.
Rooted in her body.
Coherent heart and passionate from the core of her being.
She knows who she is.
A strong Yes and a clear No
She knows what she wants.
Owning her desires.
Diving deep into her dreams.
Keeping them alive.
She owns her qualities.
Confident and radiant she moves through life.
She takes full responsibility in life.
Making choices is her superpower.
She doesn’t hold back anymore.
Life is too short to do so.
She wants to make love with life.
No matter what, every single day.
She is in for the entire ride.
Committed and dedicated.
She will always go for the best version of herself.
Flat on her knees and getting up more graceful and fiercely.
Just because she knows.
Going half in doesn’t work.
Trying a little bit, yet not the full 100%.
Holding back.

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